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+92 (334) 189-501-7
+92 (300) 111-532-4
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    Laundry Service
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    Dry Cleaning Service
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    The most convenient
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    Laundry Service
    We care for the clothes you wear
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    Dry Cleaning Service
    Cleaning excellence guaranteed!
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we are passionate about laundry

Starting with the name of Allah May He be glorified and exalted.


Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said: Cleanliness is half the imaan (faith) - Sahih Muslim.

Achieving inner purity requires a person to obtain bodily & outer cleanliness first. Cleanliness is the foundation of leading a healthy, confident & successful life. Therefore, we are presenting an affordable, convenient & quality service for your cleaning needs. is Pakistan’s 1st Online Laundry service. We have been serving our amazing customers since 2016 and striving to help everyone in Pakistan with quality cleaning.

Corporate Laundry Service

As provided quality cleaning service across Karachi, we felt that not only families & homes but Companies are also in the need of our service.We spent time improving our processes & tailored our services to best match our corporate customer’s need. We understand that enterprises don’t want to be distracted with processes like laundry but they also need a trustworthy partner to handle their laundry with care.

Laundry isn't your main business, but it is ours and we love it! For more information about our commercial laundry services and pricing and to schedule your first pick up, call us at +92 (334) 189-501-7 / +92 (300) 111-532-4

Our Commercial Laundry Clients include:

Our Approach

Our busy lives have made laundry a hassle & local dry-cleaners don't care about quality. With Local Dhobis, optimal care and hygiene is not maintained & clothes either get discolored, torn or even misplaced. Arguing with local dry-cleaners over their ever-increasing prices is another pain. We know that you want your clothes to stay clean & lively then why settle for ordinary when it comes to laundering them?

Meet, Pakistan's 1st Online Laundry Service - serving customers in Karachi since 2016. Our staff has expertise, experience and knowledge of different types of fabrics and garments. We understand how to preserve colour & texture; we use the right detergents & processes to enhance the life of your clothes.

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